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Amazon Success Story: BetterVent

Mario Formica
Mar 12, 2019 10:50:00 AM

The Brand

BetterVent® is an indoor dryer vent that uses filters instead of water to keep lint and dust out of the laundry room, improving the air quality of a home and saving energy.


The Challenge

Having successfully proved their product’s utility, the manufacturers of BetterVent® looked to Amazon as a high-potential sales channel. However, they quickly became overwhelmed with customer questions, orders, advertising, marketing, and the day-to-day management of a product listing on Amazon. Additionally, while sales were good, the BetterVent® team recognized their sales potential was capped without offering Prime shipping.


The Solution

Upon partnering with SupplyKick, the BetterVent® team unloaded all day-to-day management of their Amazon listing. Some of the more time-consuming aspects of Amazon, including customer service, returns processing, and regular performance analysis, are now handled by a single trusted selling partner. The BetterVent® team has more time and energy to focus on improving their product and growing their business elsewhere.

One of the most important enhancements to the BetterVent® listing was the transition to Prime shipping. There are over 100 million Amazon Prime members in the United States, and these customers are much more likely to purchase products that offer free, two-day shipping. Switching from merchant fulfillment (MFN) to a Prime-eligible fulfillment method, like Amazon FBA, can increase sales volume by as much as 50%. With SupplyKick, the BetterVent® team reaps the benefits of Prime eligibility without sacrificing additional time or cost.

Over 50% of product searches start on Amazon; by combining a great product with Amazon SEO, high-quality product photography, Enhanced Brand Content, and a smart paid advertising strategy, the BetterVent® appears at the top of relevant Amazon search results. Additionally, because the BetterVent® is a winter seasonal product, SupplyKick and the BetterVent® team collaborate on production forecasting to avoid stockouts. As a result of a superior marketing and fulfillment strategy, the BetterVent® is tagged as a “best seller” and is the number one product in its category on Amazon.


The Results

After partnering with SupplyKick, the BetterVent® team grew their year-over-year sales on Amazon by 30%, due in large part to ensuring Prime eligibility for all products. With SupplyKick's seasonal forecasting and listing optimizations, the manufacturers of BetterVent® saw their product rise to be a top performer in its Amazon subcategory.

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