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Amazon’s Website Crashes 10 Minutes into Prime Day

Jul 16, 2018 5:19:57 PM

Only minutes into Amazon’s long-awaited 36-hour Prime Day event, error messages began popping up for eager deal-seekers everywhere. We all love pictures of cute dogs, but even the pups of Amazon are failing to placate irate customers who are unable to access the website to even browse the deals.

Last year, Prime Day ranked as Amazon’s top sales day of the year, trumping even Black Friday. It is projected that Amazon will make $4 billion this Prime Day; so each minute that their website is down could be costing them $1.8 million in sales.

As of now, Amazon has not issued a response or posted on social media addressing this massive outage. It has yet to be determined if Amazon will extend Prime Day or run extra deals or promotions to make up for this outage.

For brands tasked with navigating Amazon’s complexities alone, unexpected occurrences such as this can prove to be a frustrating challenge. Partnering with a trusted seller can alleviate these concerns and bring peace of mind, even when things go awry.

SupplyKick will continue to monitor the Amazon platform and re-evaluate our sales strategies for our partners throughout Prime Day to ensure maximum sales and a seamless customer experience.

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