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The Amazon Marketing and Advertising Playbook

Your guide to dominating the marketplace in 2023.

2023 Amazon Marketing and Advertising Playbook

75% of online product searches start on Amazon. The marketplace holds so much opportunity for sellers, but it’s also incredibly crowded—making it absolutely necessary to have a solid strategy in place if you want to come out on top.

Many brands continue to adopt a “set it and forget it” approach on Amazon and wind up disappointed with the results. But there are critical things you can do to grow your Amazon sales this year, and that’s exactly where this playbook comes in.

Keep reading for:

  • Actionable steps to optimize your current Amazon marketing strategy and Amazon advertising strategy
  • Recommendations for Amazon Ads, SEO, A+ Content, Storefront, photography, video, product inserts, reviews, and more
  • What it takes to appeal to the modern Amazon consumer and succeed on Amazon in 2023, whether selling Seller Central (3P) or Vendor Central (1P)

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