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Amazon Strategies: Built to Order

Using information from our portfolio of 100+ brands across the Amazon Marketplace, SupplyKick helps you realize long-term success through customized Amazon advertising campaigns, enhanced product listing content, inventory management, and customer service. Our expert team has experience creating and implementing:

  • Effective Advertising Campaigns
  • Custom Enhanced Brand Content
  • Inventory Management Strategies
  • Customer Service Plans and More!


Schedule a free consultation today to learn how SupplyKick can create a powerful Amazon strategy for your brand, like our partner LogOX:

"We've been working with the team at SupplyKick for over six months now. Even in that short period of time, they have become a key piece of our overall marketing strategy and have been instrumental in helping us grow our brand's presence on Amazon, both in the US and Canada."
Austin Roberts
Co-Founder and General Manager, LogOX LLC


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