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Meet Your SupplyKick Account Manager

Dec 1, 2021 10:30:00 AM

Amazon account and brand management services

Amazon seldom supports brands that sell on its marketplace. To make up for this lack of support, brands often hire outside agencies who can provide them with a dedicated Account Manager to help them grow their Amazon business and troubleshoot issues.

Consider Account Managers your lifeline – the real people on the other end who can cut through the many unknowns of selling on Amazon to field questions and assist with your individual brand needs.

SupplyKick provides a dedicated, in-house (U.S.-based) account manager to ensure that your brand is growing and positioned for success on the Amazon marketplace. From placing purchase orders to constant communication, our Account Managers are there for our partners every step of the way.


What an Account Manager Can Do for You

The main function of an Account Manager, and of SupplyKick’s partner success team as a whole, is to grow sales and build brand strategy by fulfilling key operational functions. This includes keeping up with demand and ensuring inventory is in stock, maintaining pricing integrity, revealing ways the team is working to improve listings, and strategizing other ways to grow the business.

Account Managers can help your brand achieve sales growth on Amazon through marketing optimizations and product expansions. Other functions of SupplyKick Account Managers include:

  • Serving as an extension of your team as someone to go to with questions at any time while also supporting your brand on Amazon.
  • Placing accurate purchase orders with SupplyKick’s proprietary reorder process and algorithm, which is analyzed by an Account Manager before being sent to you, ensuring the purchase orders you receive are accurate and timely.
  • Setting goals for future growth and working with partners to develop growth strategies to increase Amazon sales, rather than just sending purchase orders when product is needed.
  • Ensuring end-to-end compliance, including Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) issues. Account Managers diligently address MAP violations and rogue sellers to protect your pricing and your brand.


How Account Managers Achieve Results

As Amazon experts, Account Managers are confident in their ability to drive success on the platform. For example, one SupplyKick partner, LogOx, has seen its revenue increase substantially since engaging SupplyKick and maintaining a relationship with an Account Manager.

Purchase orders for a single LogOx item more than doubled from Q2 to Q4 2019, along with seasonality. In Q3, when LogOX expanded its partnership with SupplyKick to encompass its entire product assortment, the average weekly Amazon revenue was $8,000. In Q4, that average weekly revenue tripled to $24,000. Additionally, conversion on the listings increased by 2% after SupplyKick’s pre-holiday listing optimization overhaul, setting the brand up for peak-season success on Amazon.

Account Managers strive to build a trusting relationship where both parties are able to grow and learn, as SupplyKick is the expert on Amazon and the partner is an expert on their assortments. Communication, transparency and motivation are all key ingredients in successful Account Manager-partner relationships. Ultimately, the dedicated partnership of an Account Manager, along with a tailored strategy and expert execution, can increase your sales on Amazon.

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